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 The Nite I's: I Spy(SM)

WEBCAM Adapter




See images taken by customers with
their I Spy(SM) WEBCam Adapters

The "I Spy(SM)" WEBCAM adapter by Nite I's attaches to a standard WEBCAM on one end and to one of our 1.25-inch eyepiece extensions on the other end.  The I Spy(SM) is made of aluminum and fits tightly to the extensions.  The extensions are also threaded inside so that you can thread a filter into the extension if you desire. Each I Spy(SM) Webcam adapter sells for $10.00(US).  They also come in a package with (1) I Spy(SM) and (1) Eyepiece Extensions for a price of $14.00(US) or purchase an I Spy(SM) WEBCam adapter, eyepiece extension and a ParFocalIzer(SM) for $20.00.

I Spy(SM) WEBCAM Adapters back-to-back
Two Nite I's
I Spy(SM) mated to a Nite I's Eyepiece Extender
Webcam ready to be assembled with an
I Spy(SM) WEBCAM adapter

Your price $10.00 for an
I Spy(SM)

WEBCAM after removal of the lense
I Spy(SM) & WEBCAM partially assembled
$14.00 for an
I Spy(SM) & an Eyepiece Extension package.
The completed WEBCAM ready to be put into a telescope.
$20.00 for an
I Spy
(SM), Eyepiece Extension
and a ParFocalIzer(SM) Package.
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