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You should be able to find us at the
following Star Party(ies):


May 28--30
YMCA Camp,
Big Bear,
Click here to read about what you missed at RTMC 2002

For more information about RTMC click on the RTMC logo to the left.

Nite I's always has a wonderful time at RTMC.

Table Mountain

Look for the sign that reads "Nite I's" and stop by to say hello.

For more information about TMSP click on the image to the left.

Nite I's had a wonderful time at TMSP.

2005 September 29--October 2nd

Lowell Star Party III

Flagstaff, AZ

Stop by the booth at the observatory site.

Oregon StarParty

A last minute transportation problem has prevented us from making the OSP---this year!
You can still order any

Nite I's product from the secure server page on this site!

For more information about OSP click on the image to the left.

Nite I's will not have products available for sale at OSP.

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