"Good Stuff Cheap!"

Our maiden appearance at RTMC was greeted with a great deal more enthusiasm than we had anticipated.

The comment we heard most often was "I've been wishing somebody'd do this for years!" The ParFocalIzer clamp rings were probably the best-received item we took along; we are not quite out of them but our supply is somewhat depleted.

The second-most common comment was

"You didn't sell me enough of those! I need some more!"

Several people offered to buy our tent/shelter, which we set up in a way nature hadn't intended for it, as a sun-shade for our customers - We wonder if that'll catch on?

There were over twenty requests for two-inch ParFocalIzer clamps/extenders; watch this space for an announcement of availability soon.

We also got excellent positive response to our prototype helical focuser, which we now offer in the products page for 2-inch accessories.